Vaccumstable MALDI-Matrices

MSI from mousebrain: still brilliant after 72h

MSI (mouse brain) with vacuumstable MALDI-matrix measured after 0h and 72h (Qiuqin Zhou // Mannheim University of Applied Sciences: Hochschule Mannheim, Center for Mass Spectrometry and Optical Spectroscopy (CeMOS), Paul-Wittsack-Str. 10, 68163 Mannheim, GERMANY)

Together with our cooperation partners from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (HSM), we developed a completely new concept for vacuum-stable MALDI matrices.
Now it’s published in “Angewandte Chemie”
The trick is: we combined standard MALDI matrices with a caging group – this increases the vacuum stability. The caged group is then cleaved by the MALDI laser.

The vacuumstable MALDI-matrices are available at SiChem’s webshop: caged MALDI-Matrices!