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Preparative HPLC – Enantioseparation from mg to kg

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Preparative chromatography (HPLC) is an efficient and normally also fast purification method – sometimes also the only one, if crystallization is not an option. A special case is the enantioseparation.

Enantiomers of drug candidates are almost identical in their physical and chemical properties, but usually the biological activities differ largely. Therefore, both enantiomers need to be tested which requires enantiomerically pure drug candidates. For this reason, industry focusses a lot on enantiopure preparations as well as enantioseparations. For many problems the separation of enantiomers is preferred due to lower costs and a wider application compared to enantioselective synthesis procedures.

We support you by separating your drug candidates from 100mg to 100kg amounts.

In addition we provide:

  • Custom synthesis and derivatization
  • Feasibility studies of enantioseparation
  • Optimization of separation conditions
  • Development of separation procedures for future upscaling
  • Purification of Peptides

Our laboratories are perfectly equipped for synthesis, analysis, and separation procedures. We use state-of-the-art preparative HPLC equipment including continuous pseudo-moving bed applications. Quality control by mass spectrometry is always included.

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analytical HPLC columns SiChem lab

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