• SiChem develops syntheitc routes

Custom Synthesis from mg to kg

To complete complex projects for our clients from the pharmaceutical sector requires concentration, flexibility, innovation and sometimes also creativity on our part every day. Our extensive experience in the area of custom synthesis / contract research helps us finding optimum solutions for new tasks as well.

We assist you competently until the agreed objectives are met, keeping in dialogue with you and responding to your instructions and requests. And we provide professional documentation as a matter of course.

We make our chemical and technical know-how available to you for custom synthesis tasks and innovative research. This will enable you to concentrate on your core business and even save you expenditure for additional infrastructure and personnel.

We support you in the area of classical custom synthesis (building blocks and target structures) for the areas of medical research, pharmaceutical development, lead compound and prodrug development. If more specialist tasks are involved, such as metabolite synthesis (synthetic or enzymatic) or the synthesis of various salts of a substance and their crystallisation behaviour (polymorphism screening via X-ray), we are also the people to turn to.

We will also take on your separation problems: we can handle the separation of racemates of up to 100kg. Of course we will also purify your compounds (by chromatography or crystallisation) and isolate specific by-products or impurities. And, if you wish, even get them ready for distribution (package, label, box etc.).

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We support you from A to Z or only in small partial areas, tailoring our activities to your individual needs.


Here are some projects from SiChem’s portfolio:

  •  Lead development of a candidate against cystic fibrosis (CF)
  •  Synthesis of click chemistry building blocks for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) on a kg scale for cancer therapy.
  •  Synthesis of stable-isotope-labelled APIs and secondary components (i.e. Vancomycin, Prasugrel)
  •  Synthesis of compounds for inVivo Labelling for PET-examination (SC-0300 / SC-0301)
  •  Synthesis of SERMs derivatives (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator)
  •  Synthesis of  NE Activity-Reporter (Neutrophile Elastase) for CF-Disease (NEmo1 / NEmo2)


Our focus is on the synthesis of (complex) molecules and the separation and purification of substances from different fields.

  •  multi-step organic synthesis of special target structures and building blocks from mg to kg
  •  Optimization of existing synthesis routes and development of alternative routes
  •  Synthesis of Prodrugs
  •  Lead compound development in the field of medicinal chemistry and synthetic biology
  •  Isolation / purification of synthesis products and secondary components, purification of components from the material sciences field