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Inositol phosphates

Signaling molecules are responsible for forwarding chemical or physical signals. There are three classes of signaling molecules: signaling molecules that act inside the cell, signaling molecules that act outside the cell and signaling molecules that act inside and outside the cell. SiChem deals with the first class of signaling molecules, including the Inositol phosphates (IPx).

There are about 60 natural inositol phosphates and other synthetic derivatives, which represent a completely new platform for therapeutic discovery. Normally IPx is located in the cell and can not easily overcome the cell membrane. Since the IPx are traded as potential drug compounds, it must also be possible to transport IPx from outside to inside the cell.

SiChem uses specially developed protecting groups for IPx that allow diffusion through the cell membrane. When the protected Inositol phosphate is entering the cell, it splits off the protecting group and the unprotected IPx remains in the cell and acts exactly at the target site: In the cell!

In the shown experiment HeLa cells were co-loadedwith 2 µM caged
Ins(1,4,5)P3/PM [cag-iso-2-145] and Oregon Green 488 BAPTA-1AM. All
compounds were loaded for 80 min at room temperature.
Stimulus was 1 burst of 5 UV flashes (300-400 nm bandwidth).
42 sec after the onset of the recording: [Ca 2+] i raised !


Experiments performed by
Dr. Valeria Piazza and analysed by Dr. Catalin D. Ciubotaru
in the laboratory of Prof. Fabio Mammano
at the Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine –
Padua University, Italy, http://www.vimm.it