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Inositol phosphates

Custom Synthesis

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Custom synthesis and Lifescience tools

Sirius Fine Chemicals SiChem GmbH synthesizes APIs for early stage (Toxicology) drug design. A special field of expertise is the preparation of biologically and pharmacologically active compounds with increased bioavailability (prodrugs).

We are one of the leading providers for inositol phosphates as well as a large variety of membranepermeant and photoactivatable derivatives. Our portfolio has been supplemented by clickable unnatural amino acids and other useful tools for Click-Chemistry.

NEW: tools with PEG-linkers: here you will find a large selection of tools with different length PEG-linkers. These are suitable for click-chemistry-reactions or for biotin- and fluorescence- labelling.

Rapidly reversible Chemical Dimerizer rCD1 is now available at SiChem

SiChem – member of the i3 – Life Sciences Cluster – is a ” Landmark in the Land of Ideas”

INO-4995 has potential in treatment of Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

SiChem congratulates the Nobel Laureates

SiChem congratulates the Nobel Laureates in Chemistry Frances H. Arnold (California Institute of Technology / Caltech), George P. Smith (University of Missouri), and Gregory Winter (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology). Smith (University of…

SiChem sponsors SPICA in Darmstadt, Germany

SiChem sponsors with pre4U this year's SPICA - the 17th International Symposium for Preparative and Industrial Chromatography.