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Inositol phosphates

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Custom synthesis and Lifescience tools

Sirius Fine Chemicals SiChem GmbH synthesizes APIs for early stage (Toxicology) drug design. A special field of expertise is the preparation of biologically and pharmacologically active compounds with increased bioavailability (prodrugs).

We are one of the leading providers for inositol phosphates as well as a large variety of membranepermeant and photoactivatable derivatives. Our portfolio has been supplemented by clickable unnatural amino acids and other useful tools for Click-Chemistry.

NEW: tools with PEG-linkers: here you will find a large selection of tools with different length PEG-linkers. These are suitable for click-chemistry-reactions or for biotin- and fluorescence- labelling.

Click-Photocrosslinking compounds

Click-Photocrosslinking compounds for photo-affinity labeling (PAL)


NEmo: New FRET-based reporter system that detects NE activity – now available at Sichem

Rapidly reversible Chemical Dimerizer rCD1 is now available at SiChem

Vacuum stable MALDI matrices: SiChem receives BMWi grant (ZIM) together with Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

The trend in MALDI analysis today is towards large sample quantities, long scanning times and locally accurate measurement resolution. However, today's MALDI matrices limit this progress for two reasons: First, they are not vacuum stable. As…

ClickEnzyme: SiChem receives BMWi grant (ZIM) together with the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW)

The aim of the project is the development of a new process for targeted and position-specific immobilization of enzymes on carrier materials. The immobilization of enzymes increases their stability and the possibility of reusability and allows…

SiChem congratulates the Nobel Laureates

SiChem congratulates the Nobel Laureates in Chemistry Frances H. Arnold (California Institute of Technology / Caltech), George P. Smith (University of Missouri), and Gregory Winter (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology). Smith (University of…