Rapidly reversible Chemical Dimerizer rCD1 is now available at SiChem

The first rapidly reversible chemical dimerization system – rCD1 – , which permits to determine kinetics of lipid metabolizing enzymes in living cells, is now available at SiChem . This new system was applied to induce and stop the activity of phosphatidyl 3-kinase (PI3K) (SC-7000_Chemical_Dimerizer_info). rCD1 is available in 2 sizes: 100µg (for app. 20 experiments) and 500µg (SC-7000)

A representative time-lapse fluorescence movie of HeLa cells co-transfected with NLS2-SNAPf-ECFP and mRFP-FKBP constructs. rCD1 (1 μM) induces translocation of mRFP-FKBP into the nucleus; addition of FK506 (1 μM) leads to release of mRFP-FKBP from the nucleus !